Jagoancoin docs


Blockchain network

On the Jagoancoin network, each computer running Jagoancoin continuously is called a node, this node stores data on every transaction made by users and then propagates it to the blockchain network with a peer-to-peer or node-to-node system. It is impossible to change the blockchain data that has been sent to the network, this is what makes Jagoancoin very safe to use as a digital currency.
Jagoancoin is not regulated by the government or anyone but the users themselves, every user has full access to their Jagoancoin without any restrictions at all because Jagoancoin adapts a decentralized system.
Unlike currencies in general, Jagoancoin allows account ownership without the need for identity (Anonymous), unlike banks in general which need a lot of paperwork to create an account which takes quite a long time. Jagoancoin only needs a computer and access to the internet to create a wallet that will store Jagoancoin or JGC, so users don’t have to bother and wait long just to create an account.


From the information that can be obtained through the official jagoancoin.org page, it is explained that each transaction only takes a few seconds to process and the money sent will be immediately available in the recipient’s wallet, and with very low fees or even free.
Each Jagoancoin transaction contains the public key (Jagoancoin Address) of the first owner. When that user sends Jagoancoin to another user, the coins will change ownership to the new owner who is the recipient of the coins. The amount will remain the same but not doubled.


Jagoancoin adopts the blockchain system from Dash and Raptoreum by developing it to be better than its predecessor, by speeding up transactions, reducing transaction fees and using different types of Algorithms. Jagoancoin uses the Ghostrider CPU consensus algorithm, by using this algorithm each block mining can be done more easily, cheaply and quickly. Each block appears with a time span of 1 to 120 seconds with a reward of 2000 Jagoancoin or JGC for each hash that is successfully solved.
Proof-Of-Work, a form of cryptographic proof in which one party proves to another that a certain amount of computational effort has been expended. Examiners were subsequently able to confirm these expenses with little effort on their part, in which miners compete to append blocks and mint new Jagoancoin, each miner experiencing a success probability proportional to the computational effort expended.
On the Jagoancoin network, there are only Jagoancoin that can be circulated For every 2,000,000 Blocks there will be something called a Halving, namely a reduction in the number of prizes on each Jagoancoin block, from the initial prize of 2000 JGC to 1600 JGC and so on to 0, and maximum supply 16.624.870.560 Jagoancoin.
The rarer Jagoancoin the more valuable each coin, this will increase the price of Jagoancoin which is very suitable for investors. Unlike bitcoin or other coins, the fewer block rewards on Jagoancoin will not make mining from Jagoancoin more difficult or slow down the process of creating a block which can cause a decrease in speed in a transaction because Jagoancoin uses Dark Gravity Wave v3 (Difficulty Retarget Algorithm).

Dark Gravity Wave v.3

In Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies “Dark Gravity Wave” is an open source mining difficulty re-adjustment algorithm developed by Evan Duffield (creator of X11/Darkcoin/Dash). The first Crypto currency to implement this algorithm is Darkcoin DASH or Digital Cash. Later on; many Alt coins started to adopt this algorithm as it is known to adjust the difficulty faster and its non-linear.
DGW uses multiple exponential moving averages and simple moving averages to achieve more difficult retargeting mechanisms. Coins that have Dark Gravity Waves as their algorithm have a hard time dealing with issues like multipools as they target the difficulty of each block. Not only that; with DGW the chain becomes safer and on time much more consistent; despite the large fluctuations in mining power. Apart from the manageable difficulty, some of the other benefits of Dark Gravity Wave are security, faster transactions, more miners and a reliable chain.