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Jagoancoin or JGC is an electronic currency that is often referred to as cryptocurrency, Jagoancoin uses a peer-to-peer blockchain network that connects one network to another to maintain the security of the Jagoancoin system from threats in the form of hacker attacks or illegal data changes by irresponsible people. responsible for personal gain.
One notable innovation is the blockhain protocol, which was pioneered by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In 2009, when someone or a group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto launches the open source code for the Bitcoin software. Bitcoin introduces elegant solutions to several challenges as well as incentives for network nodes to stay up, make the Bitcoin network grow and strengthen it.
As we already know, many cryptocurrencies emerge every day carrying the same mission but do not have a big influence on the development of blockchain technology because many of them only use the same source code and only replace it a little without considering what functions and problems will be fixed.
With this opportunity in mind, our creation of Jagoancoin and the JGC Platform appeared in August 2022, after going through a difficult time in development and conducting various tests to prevent bugs or problems in the future, we are ready to publish a digital currency called Jagoancoin to everyone. with the aim of shortening transaction times and providing the lowest fees to users with the best quality and security.


The following are some helpful notes on how to run Jagoancoin Core on your native platform.


Unpack the files that you downloaded into a directory and run:
  • jagoancoin-qt (GUI) or
  • jagoancoind (headless)


Unpack the files into a directory, and then run jagoancoin-qt.exe.
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